Saturday, August 19, 2006

there are tests

there is a hairline
fracture in the forehead
of my porcelain
mountain mermaid
there are compromises
there are tests
she wags her tail
and a mountain lion
gargles in
the rainy night
and prances in
the yarrow fields
the grainy crackle
of road sand
and musical flowers
under the paws
under the water
of blue eyes
my warm breath
on the nape
of her neck
the tattoo just
above her coccyx bone
i shuffle the cards
and she does a reading
there is trouble
in the house of father
there is solitude
to be recognized
calamity jane
has been beating
at my door
this camper
has been rained on
a river through the tent
water dripping
off the brim
off the straw hat
her nails on my back
taking DNA samples
everything that breaks
everything that screams
everything that is lost
is reflected on
the porcelain skin
and is graded
wakes on the water
her fin slips
under the surface
and a waning gibbous
moon slowly oscillates
passing the test

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