Friday, August 04, 2006

my plan

my plan for solving the world’s problems
has vanished
the responsibility is not mine alone
my example is here on chico road
dirt and projecting
into a sage colored future
this new mexico sky relinquishes that
bombs and greed smell different
the only worth while explosion
is of prairie flowers
that i greedily inhale
horizon life positive
gray lumbering rain clouds
about to give more life
raining sweetness
staining the earth with sugar
fermenting in sun beams
on a rock strata and lichen schedule
performing a chico creek sonata
the plan was in jeopardy
the moment i turned east from maxwell
crossing rail tracks and canadian river
raising a dust plumb that gave chase
a silent chorus of children cheering me on
to laughlin peak and vast acreage of grama grass
the only conflict that has encroached
so far is that it is hard to tell between
the scant santa fe trail and the telephone cable trench
or the brash new barbwire boasting
a no trespassing zone that separates the road from
tall wild grass vibrating with an approaching storm
starling and crow pay no attention to such zones
the breeze is the worst violator of such zones
my little truck bustles by with its entourage of dust
and images randomly appear in my mine
of american television war and catastrophe
and before my eyes lies the warming sun
light azure sky dragon flies teeter-totter the air
rather void of mans presence
except for the postman’s truck
halted at road side box
we wave and dust dissolves our passing
at a splintered bridge and stream i stop
with my dog we shuffle down the embankment
he laps up water causing aquatic life to dart
i splash him in the heat
burying my hands in the wet sand
i am trapped in my performance
in my time and space
but not to imagine something else
between my fingers i pinch sage
and listen to it talk
and try to remember

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