Monday, August 14, 2006

dark puppet

from each window in the camper
came a light
onto the paneled walls
angled and in corners
light bleeding in from
high low country street lamps
in a dying night
from this corner and that
annoying because we aren’t asleep
and there aren’t any curtains
so the light roams freely
above the bed
i hardly have to reach
for a respectable shadow
shockingly crisp silhouette
hand birds and dragons
talking dog horned creature
mimicking a grim dialogue
you say stop too real
you say they scare you
you move my hands into
a different shadow
you say it’s perfect now
laying beside each other
i said it could be more perfect
then i retract my statement
no it could not
nothing could be more perfect
than right now
there will never be a more perfect now
in your kiss of a thousand woman
and lioness teeth passionate
taste capricious licks
i move your face into
a different shadow
in the secondary moon
of my stoned paranoid fears
that lash out in hurtful words
that begin to cloud your mother smile
and pull the shade on your caring beam
my fingers are knotting
and shapeless
if you had just let me
work the shadows
we wouldn’t be broken
and you would be blaming
the dark puppet
not me

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

intense. You have become a magnificant poet. Now that I am taking a poetry has become a whole new world to me. Writing takes amazing talent..and you have mountains of it! "Dark Puppet" is one of my favorites. I lober (...whoops love)you.