Friday, August 04, 2006

in the darkness of good bye

scarf skirted woman
i gaze at your cleavage
through a shawl of sheer aqua green
the pliers and hatchets
that pick at my propensity
to devour your flesh
this dead fly that i feed to the fish
this servitude that binds me to your kiss
this stumbling through chalice forest
drinking in the touch of your thigh
painted toes and rings
we meet in the ripples
of the waking pond
the denim veil clouds
when we stand erect embracing
meditating on each breath
memorizing perfume and freckles
in the fire mountain
in the grass meadow dream
elusive diamond valley
dirty and ragged
in the fresh battle of awakening
the weight of and inch that separates
our coupling
the instinct to bite
to take
and ravage in the juice
surreal lips that flash
from tongue to delirium
from the interruption that floats
like sailboats and breeze
and blood pumping in the ear
and the essences that lays just before
you leave
in the darkness of good bye
i am not that strong
to endure the dying bird
to forget the rose fragrance
to walk among the petrified heroes of war
on marble columns
i am in the instant
in the ethiopian waters bathing
washing your hair
scrubbing the monster
collecting the beautiful dust
that gathers on our embrace
that is the cricket in the night
in the walls
in the silence

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EW said...

Lovely poem...