Sunday, June 18, 2006

in a dosing wait

that secure familiar
water chop sound
rainbirds in a grass dance
morning traffic whizzing by
my porch dog sleeping cockatiel singing
contemplating thirty ways to save on gas
during my window of opportunity to
water the front lawn adhering to the
town water time restrictions
the memorial sky rattles with the
grown of training military jet flights
and red white and blue baying
in the neighborhood
military force is used when
absolutely necessary
so says the president
absolutely necessary for who?
i remember a political science quote
absolute power corrupts absolutely
are there absolutely no other alternatives?
the richest one percent of americans
have a grave responsibility
are they up to it?
are they virtuous?
or is it a case of more money than perspective?
corruption should be relegated to rusty pipes
and not the infrastructure of a society
corruption is cancer
but cancer can be profitable
is it a new philosophy?
something’s are better left not fixed?
are these philosophers running the country?
there are a lot of sleeping dogs
on porches this weekend
hiding from the heat
listening to rainbirds singing
in a dosing wait
for the war to end

Copyright © 2006 Peter Burg

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