Saturday, June 03, 2006

dividing lines

i have surrendered
to love
to peacock feathers
fallen for iridescence
plucked from my skull
dividing lines color in
the empty spaces and what
i don’t know I’m sure of
all my relationships
can be framed
and hung on the wall
and on the back of each one
is a side note written in fear
weird emptiness in my face
bright flag waving
dividing lines in sunshine
in evening rays and quarter moons
in honesty and acceptance
i should change my white flag
and charge instead of surrender
bring color back to my face
not let the blood flow out
dividing lines in the
vagueness of time
bending to the lure of need
arcing for desire
reaching out for perfection
dividing me in half
perception of an ideal
and what magnet i hold
what it will draw towards
dividing the future
into left and right
lines crooked
lines smooth
lines leading to me
to tie lines together
to draw a line
holding a peacock feather
tracing lines in the air

Copyright © 2006Peter Burg

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