Sunday, May 21, 2006

slow streams of heat

the sky morning is weighed
with oven baked cottonwood fluffs
floating on slow streams of heat
dry enough for brown-purple iris
to finally emerge and nests
of web worms bursting form their
white branch den in motion like some
hand cranked grainy keystone cops
silent movie shooting up bad guy aspen leafs
spent dandelion orbs extending
up from the grass lay in wait
for their prehistoric expulsion from earth
anticipating their union with the cotton fluffs
it is a dry spring
it was a dry winter
it is likely to be a dry summer
colorado front range
the dry grass has a crinkle to it
and everyday the gray clouds
drop dry rain
i wonder what edgar cayce would say about dry rain
dryness has a different life it promotes
promoting thirst craving
and primordial cracks
promoter of shade dwellers
and hammock swingers
dry night people
devotee of water
this dry heat make us get things done
earlier in the day
in the slow streams of heat
overhearing the morning doves

Copyright © 2006Peter Burg

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