Monday, May 29, 2006

red dots

a legion of ladybugs
tip toeing along the grass stems
crawling helter-skelter
half hearted attempts
to fly from tips
at times all the ends
are punctuated
with red dots
that then descend
in merry-go-round fashion
natives monkeying up coconut trees
white eyes and black periods
on beetle blood colored shells
trotting up the space needle
a momentary surveillance
the lawn is crowded
in ladybug conference
up and down in afternoon dry breeze
up and down in wafting green blades
this season ripe with so many
cycles in weather and insects
so oblivious to memorial day traffic
so intent in their climbing industry
finally a loner launches
into the air
in a run-on sentence
floating out of sight

Copyright © 2006Peter Burg

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