Thursday, April 27, 2006

broken city

spray paint the broken city
scales in black radiance
falling widows falling smiles
roadway lined with vacant hearts
pistil whipped slaves trod
stagger day through day
in the pathetic whitewash
satellite dish serving up sorrow
spray paint suburbia excited
dash it with orange blue
dash its brains out
senseless return to the kitchen
hold the flame extinguished
cold wick backend thing
vibrato guitar swims through the streets
swims in troubled doors
cliffs and grenades ride the merry-go-round
blinking fast in the ravaged sun
dashing night red eyed fox
reach out the falling windows
that frames your blue seas
wasps and tornadoes fallow
humming a melody
run so fast run with white horses
with hoofed bent roses
aluminum time
nothing behind the paint
the silver fox
dashes into the underbrush
leaving the
broken city

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