Sunday, April 30, 2006

blues heaven

when all the blood runs out
i want to be bending a wild string of moan
falling on the close cool bed of blues heaven
with the last utterance of broken idiotic song
i will sing at the top of my lungs of hot rod yellow
and smear golden lust on my face in blues heaven
when evening rays beam a final burst of light
while i make love to my screaming empress
i will orgasm high into starry blues heaven
when my body creaks and breaks down in dust clods
my hands will strum the spanish guitar
pose in front of the snorting bull in blues heaven
when agony paints a wicked stroke
across the dew draped morning with gun in hand
i curl blissfully in the arms of blues heaven
when i’m pounding out my best song
to the jungle of voices in the night
there will be no worry knee deep in blues heaven
as breath recedes and turns to black stone
i will run on grunion beaches and fosse fluorescent oceans
splashing in gospel church up blues heaven
in halloween mist as the reaper stops me in my tracks
i will hang from the feet of flying blue heroin
yell down a beautiful verse laughing to blues heaven
treading water out beyond the waves beyond reach
on one summer dawn on a pacific bay
alive alive in the salty current of blues heaven
when the endless torment sleepless night
gives way to dreams that dream of dreams
i will wake and write the words to blues heaven

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