Friday, June 01, 2007

Torro Pequeño

I wanted to let all of Torro Pequeño friends know of his passing. He was out late Friday night and was hit by a car. Torro was a caricature to say the least. His subtle charm and good looks made him a favorite with the ladies. His presence will be missed in the town of Rye and elsewhere. Torro lived for twelve years and led an interesting life as a father, blues band mascot, hiker, and a companion on travels through out the West. He was versatile in adapting to many situations and could perform several tricks such as speaking, shaking hands, sitting, lying down, rolling over and fetching objects. Of course as any professional he expected payment of a treat or two. He was well behaved but had his own distinct personality as anyone who knew him could attest. Above all he was a great friend with unconditional love. I will miss him profoundly. His passing occurred May 30, 2007 and he was buried in the backyard, underneath the apple tree just outside my bedroom window.



mperry-ellis said...

Pete -
So sorry to read of Torro's passing. It is hard when you loose your best companion. Hope his next adventure will be as great as this one has been. I enjoyed when he visited up at the cabin that one time. M.

Eanna said...

I was enjoying your nostalgic blog very much until I came to the end and read about the death of your dog.

At 12 years old, did he accidently get loose at night? That's very sad. :(