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DigiVintage Records is pleased to announce the release of its second CD “Dizzy Light” by Peter Burg.

Peter Burg has been known regionally as a singer and songwriter and performs regularly with his original blues band Peter Burg & Blue Suburban. They have been heard on radio and have performed at many festivals and venues throughout Colorado. This time Peter has embarked on a solo venture with his latest release, Dizzy Light.

Using the blues as a stepping stone, Peter deals with his particular frailties in the search concerning spiritual awakening, faith, and moral consequence. Blues is not exclusive here. From his musical history he has drawn snippets from jug and string bands, rural country flavors, simple gospel, and primitive beats and brought them together into what is undoubtedly Peter’s best recorded work to date. Dizzy Light initially began as a purely acoustic project but rapidly grew in complexity with the addition of further instrumentation as period or cultural ambiance was needed. As Peter drew on several friends to add their own talents, he remarked “The studio is a canvass on which an idea can be worked out using a store house of colors to indulge one’s imagination. The trick is not to get too carried away and lose the edge, focus and direction.” The goal here was to capture a feeling often missed by large commercial studios and labels with their high production quotas.

Dizzy Light features Peter Burg on acoustic and electric guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica, dulcimer, recorder, tenor banjo, and percussion with the sounds of Rick Terlep on slide guitar, Bruce Paulman on harmonica, David Gouge on accordion, James Schafer on violin, and Danny Weston on drums. Dizzy Light was produced by Richard M. Holmes and Peter Burg and was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Richard M. Holmes at Amplimedia Production Studios, Pueblo, CO

Peter will be performing at the Blues Boats and Barbecue festival in Pueblo at 1PM on Sat June 9th and will have CDs available for purchase. CDs will soon be available online from or from and will also be available for download through most online music services such as Apple iTunes and Rhapsody. CDs will be in several Pueblo record stores or can also be ordered by most record stores through Super D/Phantom Distribution.

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Singer Peter Burg hits

the mark with 'Light'

Posted: Friday, June 8, 2007 12:00 am, The Pueblo Chieftain

By Jon Michael Pompia

One of the well-known names in the local music scene has released a collection of original music called \"Dizzy Light.\"

Peter Burg is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter who leads the group Blue Suburban, an original blues band.

While using the blues style of music as a template, Burg branches out on \"Dizzy Light,\" throwing country, gospel and Southern styles into a 15-song mix.

Burg keeps the songs simple and uncluttered, relying on his distinctive voice and tight acoustic guitar playing to anchor the tunes.

By adding mandolin, bass, harmonica, accordion, dulcimer and other instruments, Burg fleshes out the skillful arrangements and gives each song a distinctive touch. \"The songs deal with my own particular frailties in the search concerning spiritual awakening, faith and moral consequence,\" he said.

Accordingly, a listen to the album may well put listeners into an introspective and reflective mood.

Although \"Dizzy Light\" began as a straight acoustic album, the project expanded with the inclusion of guest musicians, each of whom brought his or her respective talents to the table.

Said Burg, \"The studio is a canvas on which an idea can be worked out using a storehouse of colors to indulge one's imagination.\"

Rick Terlep (slide guitar), David Gouge (accordion and washboard), Bruce Paulman (harmonica), James Schafer (violin), Danny Weston (drums) and Richard Holmes (organ) provide musical accompaniment on the album.

Highlights of \"Dizzy Light\" include \"You Never Know,\" the disc's leadoff track; \"Dizzy Light,\" the title song; and \"Movin’ Man,\" an upbeat, zippy tune detailing the life of a truck driver.

Released by DigiVintage records, a Pueblo-based company, the disc was produced by Holmes and Burg and recorded locally at Amplimedia Production Studios.

Burg will perform Saturday at the Blues, Boats and Bar-B-Cue festival at the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo, where copies of \"Dizzy Light\" will be available for purchase. The CD also may be purchased, and local record stores.

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