Monday, July 03, 2006

night tigers

holy light
a trillion candle illuminant
in icy cold clear blackish
conduit diaphanous gown
who is the lonelier
crisscrossing in the sky
on the earth
stepping out of shadows
shadows cast by earthly things
who is watching who
crisscrossing the earth
stepping out to gaze
catching a moon tan
all the eyes that dream at you
all the wishes that reach your valleys
all the love meteors that crash land
all the craters filled with hearts
all the troubadours in voiceless space
all burning burning all
smoking crisscrossing flames
a million cry sparklers in a panic
in a crowded galactic echo
rain down with pain
flaming running to the flaming
burning burning burning
it must be the scent you give off
some designer pheromone
some smell so deeply entrenched
so warm blood
radiantly stabbing
so hauntingly tasteful
resisting is pointless
running to the flame
flaming wings ecstasy flaming
eyes glowing lost forever lost
flaming in all direction lost
all in the fascination canyons
all with the night painted on their face
all holding the flame to their skin
all grinding in the wax
all crisscrossing in the sky
burning burning burning
vision of night tigers
eating each other

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